Winscales Parish Council

Winscales Parish Council consists of six Parish Councillors (to include a Chairman and Vice Chairman) and one Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer.

Decisions are primarily made during the council meetings. Any urgent decisions prior to the next meeting date are made following discussion amongst the members or at an emergency meeting if required. All decisions are recorded in the meeting minutes.

Ordinary meetings are held in January, March, July, September and November, with the Annual Assembly being held in May. All meetings are held at Hunday Farm, Hunday, Winscales; dates and times are advertised at least three days in advance.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings; should you wish to raise any issue please inform the Clerk who will allocate an appropriate length of time within the meeting.

The date of the next meeting is: Friday, 1st December 2017 at 6.00pm

Reports presented to council meetings

Responses to consultation papers

Responses to planning applications

Please see appropriate Minutes for further detail

Application No: 2/2017/0200 May 2017

Application No: 2/2017/0157 April 2017

Application No: 2/2017/0137 March 2017

Application No: 2/2017/0131 March 2017

Application No: 2/2017/0085 March 2017

Application No: 2/2017/0057 February 2017

Application No: 2/2016/0768 January 2017

Application No: 2/2017/0028 January 2017

Application No: 2/2016/9008 September 2016

Application No: 2/2016/0686 (resubmission) November 2016

Application No: 2/2016/0677 November 2016

Application No: 2/2016/0715 November 2016

Application No: 2/2016/0583 September 2016

Application No: 2/2016/0573 September 2016

Application No: 2/2016/0551 August 2016

Application No: 2/2016/0538 August 2016

Application No: 2/2016/0381 July 2016

Application No: CON1/2015/0683 July 2016

Application No: 2/15/0761 (amendment) March 2016

Application No: 2/16/0080 March 2016

Application No: 2/15/0761 January 2016

Application No: 2/15/0683 January 2016


Timetable of Meetings

January 2017

March 2017

May 2017

July 2017

September 2017

November 2017